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CTT Pharma Files 2 USA Patents and 2 Canadian Patents

CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc

Tampa, Florida, United States – The Newswire – October 12, 2022 – CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CTTH) is pleased to announce that we have filed four new patents, two in the USA and two in Canada. These new patents offer Naturally-derived Wafer Formulations containing Analgesics and Micro emulsions. The strengthened and updated intellectual property focuses on wafer compositions incorporating a naturally-derived and unique type of nanoparticles loaded with analgesics. This naturally-derived technology is not limited to analgesics, but can also incorporate other Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(APIs), Natural Health Ingredients(NHIs) and psychoactive compounds. Examples being, Nicotine, CBD, Cannabinoids, and Psilocybin to name a few.


Ryan Khouri, CEO of CTT Pharma stated that these patents will continue to strengthen and protect our technology in multiple ways. Including but not limited to a two stage absorption process and allowing for the taste from our dissolvable strips to last longer after the strip has dissolved. Mr. Khouri further states that, I’m excited that these newly filed patents will offer stronger and better layers of protection to our existing patents. We worked very hard on these newly filed patents and will continue to do the necessary research and development for this advancement in our technology. These additional patents would give CTT 5 Canadian Patents and 4 US Patents.


CTT will continue to update shareholders as more news becomes available.

Ryan Khouri at 813-606-0060