Founded in Reality.

In “olden days” newswires services could justify charging customers on a “per word” basis. Back then, newswire copywriters literally typed press releases into Teletype machines. Humans typing warranted newswires billing companies to transcribe news.

Human transcription disappeared about the same time as leaded gasoline. Today newsdesk staff transcribe nothing. Instead, we take a press release you wrote as a Word document, convert it to HTML and Issue. Word count and page volume are irrelevant, because of today’s file compression, and instantaneous / International dissemination is a key-stroke command taking milliseconds.

Newswire Pricing Facts: All Accredited Tier One newswires provide ostensibly the same compliance reach. Distribution is mandated by the Exchanges and Regulators in order to maintain Tier One status. However, the prices newswires pass on to you are directly the result of each newswire’s own ability to control their own spending; (*staffing, office space, ability - or inability - to effectively negotiate distribution costs).

Q: Why should their spending problems become your spending problem? itself was founded in 2004 by real world journalists who quickly recognized this inequity and changed the industry by introducing Flat Rate pricing.  

Here is Our Pricing: *6 staff. One office.

-$250 Per Press Release - Full North America Reach. Unlimited words and pages, zero additional fees for image, video or audio inclusion.

-$350 Per Press Release - All North America Reach, plus guaranteed Media Placement to over 200 Publications, including Yahoo and TroyMedia.
-$  50 Per SEDAR Filing -   Press Release only. Contact us for specific SEDAR filing needs  at
-$  25 / $50 Social Media -Three Distinct Headlines (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) Directly Posted to your Social Media Platforms, once news crosses.

Tier One Competitor Pricing:

Accesswire - (*86 employees, 5 offices) - $400+ US Per Press release images and “assets” extra
Cision - (*4,800 staff, 10 offices) - $700+ Per Press release images and “assets” extra
Newsfile - (*2 offices, 47 employees) - $625 Per Press releaseimages and “assets” extra
Globenewswire - (*4 offices, 9,659 employees) - $1,200 Per Press release - images and “assets” extra
Businesswire - (*11 offices, 882 employees) - starts at $495 USD Per Press Release - images and “assets” extra