Our News Team

You wouldn’t trust a mechanic to fix your teeth.

TheNewswire’s Media team is comprised of experienced Real-World journalists with decades of media experience to craft your story so investors will react and share.

Kavi Mohan is an award-winning Communications Specialist with nearly 30 years of experience in media, public relations, and marketing. A Calgary Herald Business reporter for over a decade, Kavi is a versatile writer and editor, and has written for several industries including healthcare, technology, real estate, engineering, and post-secondary education. Passionate and driven, Kavi’s primary focus is now on media relations and recognizing newsworthy clients and their accomplishments. kavi@thenewswire.com

Steven Wilhelm, Copywriter / Photojournalist  
is a multimedia journalist and photographer from Calgary. A multifaceted contributor to for National Post, Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, The High River Times, The Airdrie Echo, and Cochrane Times, Steven brings his concise newswriting skills, quick turnaround times, and acute visual skills to the news desk. steven@thenewswire.com

Pat Beechinor, CEO and News Director is the founder of TheNewswire.com. Pat majored in Broadcasting in 1984 and was an on-air announcer and ultimately assignment editor for a number of stations in British Columbia and Alberta through to 1997. In 1998 Beechinor founded Newslink Network Corporation, which he later sold to Filing Services Canada (ultimately absorbed by Accesswire). In 2004 Beechinor founded TheNewswire with an intent (successfully) to integrate legitimate news media targeting in combination with conventional “timely disclosure” to ensure truly “newsworthy” companies have access to reporters who cover those companies’ industry sector. pat@thenewswire.com

Dominic Gray is a veteran of publicly listed companies, with over 15 years in various management, compliance, and IR positions at multiple TSX Venture and OTC companies spanning a wide range of industries, including biotechnology, military & defense, mining, and technology. With his bilingual background (French/English) Dominic brings communications and capital market experience together to create and implement communications strategies tailored to the client's goals and needs.  His ambition is to change the communications landscape by bringing a new perspective to investor relations by expanding awareness and delivering a message that appeals to its audience. dominic@thenewswire.com

Maxwell, Compliance and Filings Lisa Maxwell is the founder of Sequoia Corporate Services Inc. a company that provides SEDAR, SEDI, regulatory and corporate compliance services for issuers, across industry sectors. For the past 14 years she has worked as the Corporate Secretary and Compliance Officer for a number of public companies and is familiar with the policies of the various Exchanges. She is proficient with all regulatory filings, SEDAR and SEDI and with aa background in computer science and project management Lisa works to ensure that all your transactions are timely and onside. Lisa Maxwell lives and works in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. filings@thenewswire.com