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conversationHEALTH Winter 2022 V2.7 Platform Release - Helping Life Sciences Companies Grow Customer Engagement Faster


February 23, 2022 – TheNewswire - Toronto, ON - conversationHEALTH, the conversational AI platform for the Life Sciences industry, has launched a number of far-ranging updates to their SaaS platform as part of Release 2.7. This includes the launch of the standalone conversationHEALTH® Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Engine and additional functionality to accelerate the implementation of new agents.  


“Particularly exciting and impactful for customers is the launch of a significantly augmented conversationHEALTH® NLU Engine.  In a world of complex and nuanced medical language, it’s critical to have a NLU engine that understands and interprets a broad range of words, phrases and full sentences, in both text and voice applications” notes Lexi Kaplin, Chief Product Officer of conversationHEALTH.


“Equally important are a number of workflow improvements that allow us to accelerate the implementation of individual agents or multiple agents simultaneously.  From simple Agent copy & paste functionality to notes archiving, to more powerful JSON exports for translation teams and IVR APIs, changes support stronger integrations to customer tech stacks and processes, both locally and globally” says Kaplin.


In a world disrupted by the pandemic, health professionals, patients and consumers are engaging with life sciences companies digitally first and fully expect manufacturers to be accessible 24/7/365.  As all industries develop and adopt more human-like, AI-powered virtual assistants, life sciences companies are expanding their use across all lines of business, with Medical, Commercial and Clinical applications.

“We’ve observed a marked acceleration in the adoption of more sophisticated AI-powered virtual assistants over the past 12 months.  In fact, this year we’re seeing the strategic and systematic deployment of conversational AI to augment and virtualize human teams, from contact centers to field operations, patient support programs and clinical trials.  This activity is happening increasingly across markets in order to meet customer needs for access and personalized interaction, but also to scale engagement more cost effectively and compliantly” states Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer of conversationHEALTH.

About conversationHEALTH:

conversationHEALTH is a group of life sciences experts, artificial intelligence engineers, software developers, data scientists and conversational architects that, together, are building industry-changing conversational AI solutions.  The conversationHEALTH SaaS platform is purpose-built for the life sciences industry, and sets the standard in terms of accuracy and compliance with medically-trained taxonomies, data sets, NLP and technical stack.  The platform also integrates with all major software providers in the life sciences industry, who are deploying conversational agents in clinical trials, medical affairs and commercial lines of business.


conversationHEALTH is based in Toronto, Canada with offices in North America and in Europe. For more information, visit


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