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Contextere and ENCQOR Collaborate on 5G Machine Learning

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OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA - TheNewswireMay 25th, 2021: Contextere has partnered with ENCQOR to implement the company’s innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on fifth generation (5G) wireless networks.

Contextere develops industrial AI software focused on improving human and machine performance. The contextere insight engine extracts and curate’s industrial data to provide new insights in real-time for last mile analytics and AI-enabled work instruction for frontline workers.  

This capability which supports engineers and technicians conducting asset analysis and maintenance activities on industrial equipment will be tailored for the ‘smart infrastructure’ data environment while harnessing the unique capabilities of 5G wireless networks.

“Our team is excited to join the ENCQOR effort to develop the next generation of wireless infrastructure and, by extension, the future of work for industrial technicians employed in essential positions on the last tactical mile” says Carl Byers, Co-Founder, CTO, and Chief Strategy Officer of Contextere. “Digital transformation begins with people and ensuring they have the right information on the right device at the right time to empower their human ingenuity.”


ENCQOR is the result of a $400 million public-private sector collaboration that brings together tech leaders Ericsson, Thales Canada, IBM Canada, Ciena Canada, and CGI with provincial stakeholders CEFRIO, Prompt, and the Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) to establish the first Canadian pre-commercial 5G wireless communications corridor between the provinces of Québec and Ontario.


The Contextere ENCQOR partnership exemplifies how innovative solution providers and public sector stakeholders can work together to solve complex challenges while also providing tangible benefits to the economy. Contextere is set to publicly release their Insight Engine in late 2021.


About ENCQOR: ENCQOR 5G (Evolution of Networked Services through a Corridor in Québec and Ontario for Research and Innovation) is a major partnership between leading technology companies and the Canadian provinces of Québec and Ontario to develop a pre-commercial wireless corridor and explore the field of 5G disruptive technologies. ENCQOR provides businesses and research organizations with access to a wireless 5G testbed to evolve and test innovative solutions and software.


About Contextere: With offices in Ottawa and New York City, Contextere develops industrial AI software focused on improving human & asset performance. Our mission is to transform the future of work using machine learning to deliver actionable intelligence for the last tactical mile.  Learn more at:  


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