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Legible Launches AI-Powered Version of Animal Farm by George Orwell: A Unique Interactive Reading Experience

Legible Inc

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January 25, 2023 – TheNewswire -- Vancouver, BC - Legible Inc. (CSE: READ) (OTCQB: LEBGF) (FSE: D0T), a preeminent digital book platform and publisher, announces the launch of Animal Farm AI, the latest in its series of interactive classic novels. This innovative release marks a new era in reading, offering Legible readers the extraordinary opportunity to engage in dialogue with the book, elevating both educational and entertainment values.

Kaleeg Hainsworth, CEO of Legible, enthused, "Animal Farm AI reinvents the way we interact with literature. By introducing two AI-driven characters, Sonia and Daisy, from within the book, readers can delve deeper into George Orwell's narrative, gaining new insights into its themes and characters through real-time conversations. Our approach significantly enhances the reading and educational experience, setting us apart in the digital book market."

As readers traverse the narrative of Animal Farm AI, they encounter strategically placed interactive AI elements, prompting in-depth discussions about the story's pivotal events and underlying themes. This feature connects Orwell’s renowned dystopian novel with both its historical context and enduring relevance.

Legible’s AI-powered Classics series is available on iOS and Android and is currently offered exclusively to members of Legible “Unbound”, Legible’s monthly membership service. Legible Unbound delivers a vast selection of eBooks and audiobooks as a bundled service, with a growing catalog comprised of millions of titles. The “AI Classics” series debuted in December 2023 with A Christmas Carol AI, to glowing reviews. Legible is scheduling monthly releases of “AI Classics” eBooks to Unbound members.

"With the launch of our AI Classics, we are opening up a new publishing era, innovatively enhancing the reader experience using AI in a traditional eBook," adds Hainsworth. “Legible’s platform leads the way for publishers to innovate and reach a global audience of multilingual readers. This innovative method of storytelling aligns with Legible’s mission to make reading more engaging and accessible, providing greater value to our Legible community.”

Highlights of the Animal Farm AI experience include:

Conversational Characters: Real-time dialogues with characters within the eBook, offering fresh perspectives on the narrative and multifaceted character development.

Plot Discussions: Delve deeper into the plot by discussing pivotal events, character motivations, and thematic elements, enriching understanding and appreciation.

Interactive Learning: Ideal for education, the interactive AI-powered eBooks allow questions about literary themes, historical context, and symbolism, catering to students, multilingual audiences, and lifelong learners.

Exclusive Access: Exclusively available to Legible customers, the AI-powered book series is part of the Legible Unbound membership, providing unlimited access to a diverse library of eBooks and audiobooks for a low monthly fee.

Original Artwork: Each book in the series features original artwork produced by a professional artist in collaboration with AI, reflecting the style and colors of its period, and accompanied by a creative statement from the artist.

Experience the future of reading by subscribing to Legible Unbound at Download the Legible app to access this original content and our extensive collection of eBooks and audiobooks from any smart device worldwide.

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