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Satisfai Health Announces Collaboration with the International Bowel Ultrasound (IBUS) Group to Develop Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Intestinal Ultrasound in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Satisfai Health, Inc.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – TheNewswire - May 16, 2022 - Satisfai Health Inc., a leading medical company providing artificial intelligence solutions in the field of Gastroenterology, is pleased to announce a partnership with the International Bowel Ultrasound (IBUS) Group e.V. to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for intestinal ultrasound (IUS) in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), namely Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Due to its cost-effectiveness, tolerability, portability, and accuracy, IUS has played an increasing role as a non-invasive monitoring tool in clinical and research settings for IBD. This tool is accurate for the assessment of IBD disease activity and complications, and may detect early treatment responses to therapy that cannot be identified by routine colonoscopy.

Artificial Intelligence tools offer the potential to increase adoption and improve the accuracy of IUS, thus driving a much cheaper, more scalable, and also “point of care” tool for patients with IBD compared to alternatives such as MRI, CT, and colonoscopy.

“Intestinal Ultrasound is a great technique to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of IBD due to its scalability, portability, lower cost, and patient preference. We are extremely excited to partner with the global leaders at IBUS to bring AI solutions to this space that will help to democratize IUS globally, and increase its adoption in order to improve overall patient care”, said Dr Michael Byrne, CEO and Founder of Satisfai, and Clinical Professor of Medicine in Vancouver. 

“At Satisfai, we have been involved in the development of AI solutions for endoscopy in various Gastrointestinal diseases, such as helping with detection and optical characterization of colon polyps and early esophageal cancer, and we also have very mature AI tools which have been developed to improve the Central Reading of colonoscopy videos of IBD in clinical trials," said Dr Nasim Parsa, recently appointed as VP, Medical Affairs at Satisfai Health.

"As IUS enthusiasts, we are thrilled to see interest in IUS expanding globally. It is a very exciting prospect to imagine the potential of IUS, when combined with AI, to further improve the accuracy and reliability of this tool at the bedside", said Dr Kerri Novak, Governing Board, IBUS.


On behalf of the Board of Satisfai Health Inc.

"Dr Michael F. Byrne"

Chairman & CEO

About Satisfai Health Inc.

Satisfai Health Inc. (, is a leading medical solutions provider specializing in AI applications applied to large addressable markets in Gastroenterology. Satisfai’s solutions deliver real-time analysis of medical imagery, and provide clinicians with real-time decision support intelligence that dramatically improves patient outcomes. Satisfai is supported by a highly respected board of medical clinicians and key opinion leaders who operate at the top of their fields in the many areas of Gastroenterology. Satisfai enjoys a strong voice on academic panels and leading GI societies as well as direct access to very large industry players seeking to adopt new AI technologies in Gastroenterology.

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About The IBUS Group

The International Bowel Ultrasound (IBUS) Group is a non-profit organization of international experts in bowel ultrasonography and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that is helping to make the use of intestinal ultrasound (IUS) more widespread. This group has pioneered global IUS education of interested gastroenterologists and other specialists who are caring for patients with IBD. The IBUS Group also provides a platform for research collaborations within the field of IBD. IBUS aims to advance research, education, and clinical applicability of IUS to ultimately improve personalized patient care and help contribute to management decisions and patient outcomes. For more information, visit or contact