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Canadian Company Responding to Antibiotic Resistance Crisis through Innovation

x-Cytophage Technologies Inc.

Winnipeg – TheNewswire - November 15, 2023 — In response to the recent outbreak of antibiotic-resistant salmonella affecting children across six Canadian provinces, inventive strategies are needed to address these types of emerging health crises. Cytophage, a Canadian biotechnology company, is actively progressing the development of promising bacteriophage therapies, including those targeting salmonella, as remedies for antibiotic-resistant infections.


Bacteriophages, commonly known as "phages," are viruses designed to specifically target and infect bacteria. With their inherent ability to recognize and eliminate bacterial strains, phages provide a precisely tailored solution to bacterial infections. This precision positions phages as a potential revolutionary approach in the battle against global antibiotic resistance, a significant public health concern.


Dr. Steven Theriault, CEO at Cytophage, remarked, "Cytophage's bacteriophage therapy signifies a novel frontier in the fight against antibiotic resistance. We firmly believe that the distinct properties of bacteriophages can offer a much-needed alternative to conventional antibiotics, instilling hope amidst the escalating AMR crisis."


The conventional antibiotic strategy is encountering challenges due to the emergence of resistant bacterial strains. In contrast, bacteriophages function by infecting and eliminating bacteria, sparing non-targeted cells from harm. This precision not only amplifies treatment effectiveness but also minimizes the risk of collateral damage to the patient's microbiome.


Despite the potential, the regulatory landscape in Canada regarding bacteriophages presents a noteworthy challenge to widespread therapeutic use. Cytophage is currently collaborating on a submission for approval of the use of its bacteriophage therapy through Health Canada’s Special Access Program. This program facilitates the treatment of a patient with a serious or life-threatening condition where conventional treatments have failed or are not available in Canada.

Dr. Theriault emphasized, "This innovative approach holds substantial promise in addressing the critical need for combating antibiotic-resistant infections globally."


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About Cytophage:


Cytophage stands as a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to bacteriophage research and development. Committed to addressing the global challenge of antibiotic resistance, Cytophage is devoted to advancing inventive therapies that harness the power of bacteriophages to combat bacterial infections affecting human health, animal health, and food security.