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Historical Calgary Public Art - Public Art Available as Prints for Your Home

The Alexandra Centre Society(ACS)


CALGARY - TheNewswire - December 9th, 2021 – The Alexandra Centre Society (ACS) engaged with the art community this summer to install an exciting new mural to enhance the front of their building and now are making the images available as prints for your home.


The images celebrate pride of place, little known historical facts of the area, and foster work on truth and reconciliation and were made possible by a public art grant from The City of Calgary.


Calgary based artist Karen Scarlett began this project by researching the history of the Inglewood area, which led to her connecting with the Metis and Indigenous art communities in and around Calgary. Troy Patenaude, PhD, Director of Cultural Development at Fort Calgary, introduced her to Metis artist, Edwin McGowan and Blackfoot artist, Smith Wright, and they worked together to bring Karen’s vision to life in the dynamic panels which are now on the front of the Alexandra Centre Society building.


This collection of murals is located at the front of the ACS building at 922 9 Avenue SE. Learn more about  these four murals named CONVERGENCE and the artists here:


All proceeds will support care packages for local senior citizens.

Every Spring, the Alexandra Centre Society puts together care packages for our Seniors' Picnic Basket Program which aims to provide nourishment to stay healthy, activity items to stay active, and to show care to the elders in our community.  Being a small local charity, ACS is able to work with other local organizations to identify seniors in need; collect donation items for hampers; purchase local products; and assemble and distribute care packages in a personal way that lets recipients know that our collective community cares for their well-being.

Give the gift of art that celebrates our community this holiday season and support seniors of our community at the same time.

To view or purchase these prints visit:


The Alexandra Centre Society cultivates a vibrant, inclusive, local community where everyone is welcome, and our historical legacy is celebrated.


For more info regarding the Alexandra Centre Society and the good work they do in their community,



For interviews call:


Executive Director, Alexandra Centre Society




Lead Artist - Convergence



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The framed print of the Convergence mural at the front of the Alexandra Centre Society.


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Smith Wright, Edwin McGowan and Karen Scarlett stand in front of the Convergence murals before their installation on the front of the Alexandra Centre Society on 9 Avenue in Inglewood. On the right, the images as they appear at the front of the Alexandra Centre Society on 9 Avenue.



The Convergence murals turned into a framed print collection to support much needed seniors care packages for the community through the Alexandra Centre Society.