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Carbon RX and First Nations Band Together Taking Action on Climate Change

Carbon RX

Regina, Saskatchewan TheNewswire - June 23, 2022 – Carbon RX Inc. (“Carbon RX”) and First Nations band together on June 21, 2022, in celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, to announce they have formed a partnership. Canadian-based Carbon RX, an integrated origination, digitization, and carbon credit streaming business, together with First Nations will create unified leadership in reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions, setting meaningful examples in the combat against climate change.

First Nations are taking action on climate change, asserting their environmental sovereignty over their land , providing leadership, and being the driving force in the new carbon economy.

“First Nations people have always been keepers of the land.  The time has come to work together to collectively manage our lands and heal the planet. The more we work together the greater our impact will be.  We ARE the original environmentalists.”  Chief George Cote, Cote First Nation.

First Nation communities have sovereignty over 150,000,000 acres of land in Canada.  These lands are largely in agricultural production, grasslands and forest, and play a critical role in the sequestration of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  

While most carbon reduction strategies have been focused on punitive tax penalties, or advanced technology adoption targeted at large carbon emitters, today’s announcement places an emphasis on nature-based solutions to climate change.  

“The emergence of the carbon markets offers our communities the ability to use our sustainably farmed agricultural land, pastures, and our trees to create a new revenue stream and support our interest in economic development while allowing Mother Earth to remain our keeper.”  Chief Lee-Anne Kehler, Kawacatoose First Nation.

Over 1,500 multi-national companies world-wide have made commitments to reduce their carbon footprint to net-zero, creating a huge demand for nature-based carbon reduction strategies. Canada is positioned to be a global leader in carbon reduction as a result of uniquely large volumes of agriculture and forest lands.

“Regenerative land management practices allow more carbon dioxide to be pulled out of the air and locked in the soil offering long-term storage solutions,” explains Marty Seymour, Chief Operating Officer, Carbon RX. “These partnerships represent a giant leap forward for communities and ensures First Nations people are actively engaged in the carbon economy and driving their own environmental sovereignty.”

About Carbon RX

Carbon RX  is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta CleanTech Inc., a publicly traded company (CSE:DELT; FRA:66C; OTCQB:DCTIF).  Located in Regina, Saskatchewan Carbon RX originates, digitizes and streams carbon credits in agriculture, forestry, and energy.   The organization is anchored with over 15 years of carbon capture technical expertise servicing both domestic and international high fidelity carbon markets.

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