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World Premiere Integrated Approach to Energy Production

St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp.

Saint-Hyacinthe – TheNewswire - September 14, 2022 - St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (CSE:SX) (OTC:SXOOF) (FSE:85G1) is pleased to disclose that its majority-owned subsidiary, H2SX, presented its Difference Initiative today at the Nourrir Demain conference. This exceptional technology introduces a radical change in the production of “dark” green hydrogen.

Exceptional technology

The Difference Initiative aims to demonstrate that the economy and the environment can coexist in perfect harmony. Agribusiness, agriculture, and natural resources can work together to develop green products. Making a difference by producing hydrogen from biogas, converting plastic waste from the agri-food industry into fuel, and mining waste into fertilizer, to offer added value to many products.

The eco-responsible and green use of natural gas and biogas will make it possible to meet the needs of companies for high-purity green hydrogen at a truly affordable cost. Quebec would have the opportunity to position itself as an innovative province, develop new intellectual property, and export new know-how. The Difference Initiative would make a strong statement in favor of carbon neutrality and the environment, create more wealth, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“(…) The Difference Initiative is a concrete example of positive impact and leverage, demonstrating that a judicious choice of links in a technological chain allows the implementation of innovative approaches for a prosperous future in a healthy environment. Technology makes a difference. Together, we can make that difference. Let’s capitalize on these differences and give our children and future generations the chance to grow old. I am very proud to be part of this technological revolution, and I have only one dream, to leave a block of clean air to my children and grandchildren (…)”, commented Dr. Sabin Boily, CEO of H2SX.

The technologies used to date to produce hydrogen face significant challenges, either because they release vast amounts of CO2 into the air or because they use an immense amount of water and energy.

To produce the same amount of green hydrogen without emitting any CO2, the Difference Initiative consumes no water, requires 14 times less electricity than water electrolysis technologies, and is more cost-effective than hydrogen produced from the latter. With H2SX, Quebec would be in a position to save energy while preserving the priceless resource of drinking water.

“(…) For the same amount of hydrogen produced, imagine what we could do with all the energy and water saved. We need to preserve water and use it for our own consumption, for animals, and for the needs of agribusiness and agriculture in a One Health concept. The energy saved thanks to the Initiative certainly allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions, electrify our transport, and develop the electrical sector, but above all, it allows us to diversify our economy perennially and sustainably by producing new products at home from this “dark” green hydrogen which can then be exported and sold all over the planet. Let’s remember that of the nine planetary limits identified on a global scale, six have already been crossed. It is therefore imperative that we put in place the right conditions to preserve our water and energy and use them wisely so that humanity can flourish in an eco-responsible environment (…)”, concluded Dr. Sabin Boily, CEO of H2SX.



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About H2SX

H2SX, a majority-owned subsidiary of St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp., implements innovative, cheap, clean hydrogen production solutions that unlock hydrogen’s real economic and environmental value. The clean hydrogen produced is destined for a multitude of markets and allows the creation of value-added products while attributing green premiums to them. H2SX also supports the St-Georges family of companies by bringing undeniable benefits to their circular economy efforts. H2SX is the catalyst for limitless business opportunities.

About St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp.

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