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Two Sculpture Hospitality Franchisees Announce Regional Expansions in Canada, Despite Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Bars and Restaurants

Toronto, Ontario – TheNewswire - Canada - March 3, 2021 - Sculpture Hospitality - a global hospitality inventory management company, that combines both technology software with expert, local advice - has announced that two of its Canadian-based franchisees have expanded regionally.


Geoff Loukes, Owner of Sculpture Hospitality of New Brunswick, and Kevin Tam, Owner of Sculpture Hospitality Calgary Southwest, have announced regional expansions in an effort to help nearby hospitality businesses successfully manage their inventory and become more profitable.


These expansions come despite the ongoing restrictions and shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with both Loukes and Tam focusing on their long-term ambition of expanding their franchise footprint to help the success of an increasing number of bars and restaurants.


Sculpture Hospitality is exclusively positioned in the hospitality industry, offering a unique combination of world-class inventory management technology software combined with expert advice and support from inventory specialists based in cities across the world - including Canada, the United States, Australia, the UK and New Zealand to South America and across Asia.


Loukes, who first opened a Sculpture Hospitality franchise with the purchase of the Western New Brunswick Territory in September 2005, has now expanded into Moncton to bring the entire province under one umbrella.


Having bartended for years in New Brunswick, and having managed a local sports bar in Fredericton, Loukes knew just how challenging bar and restaurant inventory tracking is for the vast majority of hospitality establishments.


That’s why, with his latest expansion, he will be working with bars and restaurants across the entire province of New Brunswick, to streamline and improve how they manage their inventory processes - so that they can become more profitable.


Commenting on the expansion, Loukes said: “Expansion has always been my goal, but I obviously didn’t expect to do it during a pandemic. That being said, the opportunity presented itself, and the pandemic won’t last forever. I weighed my options and ultimately decided to take the opportunity.

“I firmly believe that on the other side of this pandemic our industry is going to come back stronger than ever. People have been locked up in their homes and separated from their friends and loved ones for almost a year at this point. Once they’re all allowed to start moving freely again, they’ll be looking to have some fun and that’s where our industry shines. We will be here with open arms when that time arrives,” Loukes added.


Kevin Tam, who started working in 2012 for the Sculpture Hospitality franchise that he now owns, has expanded from Calgary Southwest and Lethbridge to now offer inventory consulting services to businesses across Northeast Calgary, Southeast Calgary, as well as Airdrie, Chestermere and Okotoks.


Speaking of his expansion and his hope for the hospitality industry moving forward, Tam said: “Despite the pandemic, this is the perfect time to improve skills and prepare businesses for the eventual full reopening. Taking the time to prepare and optimize your bar and restaurant inventory management processes now, will set you up for future success.”


Sculpture Hospitality has supported its clients through the economic impacts of the pandemic with helpful inventory support and advice that improves the bottom line of bars and restaurants, and provides them with more cash flow during times of uncertainty. Sculpture Hospitality will continue to be there for its clients as the markets rebound, with tailored inventory solutions to fit their unique needs and budget.

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