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Tinkerine Studios in Collaboration with Medical Community produces critically needed 3D Printed Products for COVID-19

March 23, 2020 - TheNewswire - Tinkerine(TM) Studios Ltd. (TSXV:TTD) ("Tinkerine" or the "Company") announces that with extensive input from medical doctors, general practitioners, emergency responders, nurses, and pharmacists, the Company's Applied Design Staff has initiated the design and 3D printing of the following devices:

  1. 1.Face Shield

  • --Tinkerine now has a working prototype that was printed using its DittoPro 3D printers. The Face Shield will be presented immediately to regional health authorities. Tinkerine's Face Shield has received strong input from members of the health community to ensure proper fit and protection for users. The face shield is a prototype design;

  1. 2.Ventilator 4-way Splitter

  • --Tinkerine and outside parties are currently designing a 4-way splitter that can be used in emergency situations to provide additional capacity for ventilators. Considerations include cross contamination and a one-way check valve to ensure safety. The 4-way splitter is in early stage and is a prototype design;

  1. 3.Medical Use Goggles

  • --Input from regional health members resulted in recognizing current and future demand for medical goggles for use in hospitals and other medical facilities. Tinkerine is determining needs based on input from medical professionals and will initiate design ASAP.

Tinkerine is also reaching out to its community of teachers and educational professionals to utilize their school districts and post-secondary institutions' Tinkerine 3D printers. Tinkerine products are in use in 45% of all school districts in its home province of British Columbia. The Company is getting assistance from its Education Advisory Board and Teacher User Group, to create a collaborative pool of 3D Printers to produce greater volumes of medical products and supplies that are in scarce supply. Through this collaboration Tinkerine is working to deploy between 500-1000 additional 3D printers in order to address the COVID-19 healthcare crisis. In the meantime, Tinkerine has initiated discussions with National Resource Council Canada about additional expansion opportunities.

The Tinkerine team wants to thank all of the participating healthcare professionals for their assistance and would like to encourage additional members of the medical community to contact our offices about critical products that may be produced using 3D printers. We also want to express our appreciation to all medical and emergency staff for their tireless and selfless efforts to keep us all safe and healthy.

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About Tinkerine

Our mission is to provide a foundational understanding about Applied Design driven by 3D printing. Our ecosystem of 3D printing products and educational resources equips future generations with the innovative tools and products to stay ahead in a fast-paced, tech-driven world. Tinkerine enables the curious to convert creative ideas into the tangible and the unimaginable. All Tinkerine 3D printers and education services are designed and manufactured in Canada.

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Dean Stuart

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