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Ventree Innovations receives clinical manufacturing validation from nutritional sciences company

Ventree Innovations Inc.

June 15, 2022 – TheNewswire - Ventree Innovations based in Vancouver, Canada is the sales and distribution lead for its sister company, Priceless Farms, based in Uganda, Africa, which has been in existence for over 7 years as a “Living Lab – Foundational Farm” creating, testing, and deploying sustainable agroforestry and herbal medicine production.  The initial consumer product already on the shelves, right now is high quality Moringa Leaf powder which contains 2x the protein of yogurt, 4x the vitamin A of carrots, 3x the potassium of bananas, 7x the vitamin C of oranges, and 4 times the calcium of milk.

The company is profoundly excited to be partnering with Doctors Choice, which is an African nutritional sciences company that manufactures medicines addressing chronic malnutrition
and immune non-response in a variety of patient groups impacting millions of people in
multiple geographic regions including resource poor settings.

Priceless Farms produce the raw materials such as Moringa Oleifera as a significant constituent element in Doctor’s Choice Nutraceuticals, including their Immune boosting chewable, and Maternal capsules for pregnant and breast-feeding women. The two companies have been working together to establish a line of products that are having sustainable health benefits and social impact in multiple communities. Most recently Doctors Choice products have been approved by the UN Global Market Place.

    Replenish+ Immune Modulator (with Priceless Farms Moringa).
    Replenish+ JUNIIOR Children’s Multi-Vitamin (with Priceless Farms Moringa)
    Replenish+ Mama Care Maternal Supplement (with Priceless Farms Moringa)
    Replenish+ Fortified Porridge (with Priceless Farms Moringa)
    Replenish+ RUTF (ready to use therapeutic food)
    Selfera Molecular Immunity Blend (with Priceless Farms Moringa).

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The CEO of Doctors Choice, Brian Holmes said, “The words “partnership” and “quality” are thrown about quite liberally, but I can honestly say that these two are built into the relationship DNA between our two companies.  Moringa is available around the world, from numerous sources, but Doctors Choice, demands such a high quality and consistency in its product, that we have selected on building our partnership with Priceless Farms and Ventree innovation, there is nothing like it on earth. Our natural immune modulator was selected for a multi-site double blind clinical trial among advanced HIV disease patients, so our standards of quality have to be exceptionally high".

Brian Holmes continued… “Doctors Choice (DC) partnered with Priceless Farms to produce raw materials such as Moring oleifera. DC has been awarded several government contracts for manufacturing immune modulators and is currently bidding on contracts for the govt’s of Kenya and Ethiopia. The most recent contract awarded to is for our Moringa / Selenium immune modulator (Nov 2021) for up to 2.8m USD annually. The company was also awarded Gov’t contract for manufacturing ready-to-use-therapeutic foods (RUTF’s) worth up to 8.7m USD annually (Jan 2022)”.

Aaron Elton, the founder, and Chief Steward said, “For seven years, the "Living Labs - Foundational Farm" concept has built a significant body of research showing us that land reclamation and commercial profitability can go hand in hand. And the partnership with
Doctors choice proves this. By overlaying excellence in commercial, plant & people stewardship, VenTree can provide a model for rural and potentially distressed communities anywhere around the World. By combining best-of-class strategies and inventing our own Intellectual property, we will build a set of teaching guides to allow the "Living Labs" proven methods to be commercialized and exported anywhere in the World, like a franchise model.

About Ventree Innovations

Ventree Innovations is a dynamic young company investing in sustainable agroforestry and herbal medicine production in the tropical regions of the world. By adding value to forests through the development of a wide range of efficacious natural products we work with indigenous communities to protect and enhance their traditional forests, which are critically needed to help the planet reverse global warming.

The company envisions becoming a global inspiration for thousands of subsidiaries and franchise-like model farms and eco-friendly processing companies while delivering only the highest quality all natural consumables through a professional online shopping experience that gives our customers the opportunity to sponsor and support the expansion of our medicinal forests in a collective effort to move humanity into a sustainable future economy.

For more information, please contact Ventree Innovations:

P:   +1 (604) 245-5956

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