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LOS ANGELES, CA TheNewswire - JANUARY 24, 2024 — Noah & Zoie Costumes and are pleased to announce the costume collection for Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure at this week's Halloween Costume & Party Expo being held at The Mirage in Las Vegas, January 23-25.

The first products in the Noah & Zoie Collection feature Ryans World in an all-new, Red Titan caped hero suit with eye mask. Available for Halloween 2024, the Ryans World Red Titan costume features a jumpsuit, mask, poly-satin cape and more.
In the first feature-length project from the popular kidsbrand Ryan’s World, Ryan takes to the big screen for his most epic adventure yet! When his twin sisters, Emma and Kate, get sucked into a mystical comic book, Ryan rises up as the great big brother he is, and jumps in after them as the Red Titan. Adventures, battles, and hilarious debacles ensue, as Ryan and his friends navigate the Titan Universe and bring everyone back home safely before his parents catch on.

The live-action and animated film is an independent production targeting a theatrical and streaming release later this year.
Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure is created by Sunlight Entertainment, Ryans family owned production company, and the largest independent kids and family studio building global entertainment franchises with the most popular digital creators in the world.

Since its inception, Ryan's World has been popular among young audiences, and as the brand grows, kids are still flocking to see the latest from Ryan’s World  online and in-store. From toys to first-to-market AI innovations and more, the brand continues to expand in all directions with content and consumer products at the forefront.

 While Ryan’s World content is available on 45 platforms in over 80 countries, the Ryan and Friends channel is one of the most distributed kids and family FAST channels in the U.S., and Ryan and Friends Plus is the largest independent kids and family SVOD. Ryan’s World is the top YouTuber for kids ages 3-9, with 56M subscribers and over 76B lifetime views across his channels.

Noah & Zoie Costumes is the new preschool and family-focused costume division of DG Brands, Inc., the 46-year-old LA-based specialty apparel company dedicated to inspiring imagination and fantasy play for all ages of consumers through its high quality fashion collections.

Great quality licensed character costumes and costume kits are quickly becoming core to the new Noah & Zoie costume portfolio, first launching for Halloween 2024.


About is the leading studio building kids and family entertainment franchises with the most popular digital creators in the world. harnesses the power of audiences built on YouTube and expands them across all types of diverse kids and family platforms and experiences. The company brings kids more of what they love from these creators by producing original video and audio content, mobile games, metaverse worlds, live events and robust consumer products lines ranging from toys to toothbrushes. Key franchises include Ryans World, Love, Diana, Onyx Monster Mysteries and Toys and Colors: Kaleidoscope City.

The companys content library, consisting of tens of thousands of kids and family videos, is distributed globally on over 45 platforms, generating hundreds of millions of hours of viewership every month. The content library comprises many seasons of the companys breakthrough MishMashformat alongside originals including the Emmy-nominated Ryans Mystery Playdate and the animated series Onyx Monster Mysteries and Love, Diana Adventures.

Founded in 2017 by Chris M. Williams (CEO), the companys headquarters and filming studios are located in Culver City, Calif. The executive team includes studio veterans and visionaries from a mix of traditional and digital entertainment backgrounds, including Albie Hecht, David Williams and Jon Moonves.

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 About Sunlight Entertainment

Sunlight Entertainment is Ryan Kaji's family-owned and operated production company that develops family-friendly content that is driven to help kids learn. Founded in 2017, Sunlight Entertainment was created by Ryan and his family to help streamline the workflow of one of YouTube's largest kids' channels, Ryan's World. The company continues to grow and currently manages ten YouTube channels: Ryan's World, Ryan's World Español, Ryan's World in Japanese, EK Doodles, Ryan's Family Review, Vtubers, Combo Panda, Gus the Gummy Gator, The Studio Space and the Stick with Kaji - Podcast. Sunlight Entertainment employs a 30-person team of videographers, editors, animators, writers and voice actors to help produce live action and animated content -- releasing about 25 videos a week. Currently, Ryan's World has rapidly evolved from a toy review YouTube channel to a global kids play and entertainment brand through digital and broadcast entertainment, toys, and consumer products.

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