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Impact Analytics Expands Capacity at Hurricane Data Center

Impact Analytics Inc.

Geo Redundancy and Enhanced Capabilities to Bolster Client Services


Calgary, Alberta / May 16, 2024 – TheNewswire Impact Analytics Inc. (“Impact Analytics” or the “Company”) (CSE: PACT), a leader in risk assessment, data intelligence, and financial services platforms powered by AI, is pleased to announce an expansion of its capabilities at the Hurricane Electric data center in Fremont, California (“Hurricane Data Center”). This strategic enhancement is expected to significantly improve service delivery to clients of the Company’s Secure Data Vault (“SDV”).


Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced Data Center Capabilities: The expansion includes advanced hardware installation, reinforcing the Hurricane Data Center’s infrastructure. 

  • Geo Redundancy: New hardware will provide geo redundancy, ensuring higher data security and reliability for SDV clients. 

  • Global Network Connectivity: Leveraging Hurricane Electric’s extensive global network for improved service connectivity and performance. 


Colin Frost, CEO of Impact Analytics, stated, "This expansion at the Hurricane Data Center is a strong step in our commitment to providing robust and secure data services. By enhancing our infrastructure and establishing geo redundancy, we are not only improving our service reliability but also significantly boosting our capability to handle large-scale data requirements. This development is expected to enhance shareholder value through increased client satisfaction and expanded service scope."


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Hurricane Data Center where Impact’s servers are hosted

Details of the Expansion:

The new hardware installation at the Hurricane Data Center not only expands our data handling capacities but also integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure. This enhancement includes connections to Hurricane Electric’s global network, essential for maintaining high-speed, secure data transmission.

Following our previously announced on January 31, 2024 Master Service Agreement (the “MSA”) with Hurricane Electric, as detailed on our website, this expansion is part of the Company’s strategic plan to leverage the co-location and hosting services provided under the MSA. This is expected to provide long-term availability and a privacy-centric approach essential for the Company’s SDV, enabling us to provide reliable and secure services to our clients.

Site Upgrade Details:

  • System Upgrade: Redeploying the entire SDV system and updating to the latest version of Openstack. 

  • Hardware Installation: Installing two HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Plus Systems to meet current demands and lay the groundwork for future expansion. 

  • Storage Capacity: Potential to hold up to ½ petabyte of data. 

  • Geo Redundancy: SDV will auto-sync between regions, with regional redundancy forming the foundational layer of the SDV product. 

  • Disaster Resilience: Ensuring secure document storage and resilience in response to disasters, critical for Impact Analytics’ products and its customers. 

This strategic enhancement aligns with Impact Analytics’ goals to improve data service offerings and expand its market presence. By increasing the capabilities and capacity of the Hurricane Data Center, the Company is positioned to attract a broader client base and meet the demand for secure and reliable data services.

About Impact Analytics


Impact Analytics is a risk assessment, data intelligence and financial services platform powered by AI. The Company is building a proprietary product stack to optimize and streamline financial decision making for enterprises and individuals. Learn more at




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