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(VIDEO ENHANCED) Nutraceutical Investment in Canada from sustainable farming from Uganda

Ventree Innovations Inc.

Vancouver, BC, March 22, 2022 -  TheNewswire - Ventree Innovations Inc is pleased to announce the commercial materialization of the company’s vision for a Global Nutraceuticals platform, starting with the propagation, packaging, distribution, sales, and marketing of their core product Moringa Leaf Powder.

“The product is grown and packed on the farm in Africa; has twice the protein of yogurt, 4 times the vitamins of carrots, 3 times the potassium of bananas, 4 times the calcium of milk and 7 times the vitamin C of oranges. No wonder it’s called the Miracle Tree.”

The founder, Aaron Elton, saw the forests in Uganda, East Africa being destroyed by land grab deforestation. He knew there would be no jungles left if someone didn't do something about it. So, he moved from BC, Canada to Uganda to dedicate his life to solving the problems associated with deforestation and unsustainable farming.

Ventree Innovations announced today that they are using the crowdsourcing platform for a pre-listed private placement on a Canadian exchange because it is easy for investors to participate in private funding opportunities. David Patterson, President of Vested Technology Corp, says, “We feel fortunate to advise and help Ventree Innovations raise capital for their projects in their first crowdfunding private placement funding round. The whole sustainable and ethical Investing platform is exciting right now and we are convinced that Ventree will capture the wave of excitement flowing through the market right now”.

Aaron Elton is the President of the farm, the sales and marketing subsidiary, and the brand portfolio company. This partnership gives Ventree Innovations control of the process from seed to bag to sale. The company is already producing medical grade moringa powder for pharmaceutical companies in Africa and selling it directly to consumers via an ecommerce platform.




The Man Behind Ventree Innovations


Aaron Elton grew up in the natural beauty of Canada’s Westcoast before graduating from West

Vancouver High School and heading off to college. After college, he travelled to Uganda with the

intention of helping people by creating music videos and films to tell the story of Uganda’s artists to the world. While there, he learned about the problems of the area: deforestation, malnutrition, and poverty, which inspired him to find solutions to change the world.

Uganda is a rich and fertile country located in the Nile Basin and the Victoria Lake region. It is one of the countries in the area with the highest human potential because, though the country has an unemployment rate of 70-80%, it is filled with young people who want to work and want an education. They are friendly, smart, and highly capable of creating a profitable agroforestry medicine industry, they just need education, opportunity, and a sales channel to western markets.

Aaron knew if he was going to be successful, he had to dedicate himself by staying in the area and fostering the change through education, mentoring, and management. Since he is on the ground in Uganda, there is a commitment to the people, the environment, and his vision of collectively pooling resources together to create solutions to the world’s big problems.

The more Aaron learned about agroforestry and permaculture practices, his vision of helping the people of Uganda become self-sufficient, regenerate damaged soils from deforestation, and combat climate change became clearer. Along with two partners, Aaron started Priceless Farms to educate people of Uganda about sustainable farming practices and to grow moringa trees, a high nutrient crop to sell to pharmaceutical companies and direct to health-conscious consumers via an ecommerce platform. By using permaculture farming practices to grow moringa trees and other crops, he has created a replicable model that can hire millions of people, sequester carbon to combat climate change, and grow a profitable business creating a win-win-win business model.

About Ventree Innovations

Ventree Innovations is a dynamic young company investing in sustainable agroforestry and herbal medicine production in the tropical regions of the world. By adding value to forests through the development of a wide range of efficacious natural products we work with indigenous communities to protect and enhance their traditional forests, which are critically needed to help the planet reverse global warming. The company envisions becoming a global inspiration for thousands of subsidiaries and franchise-like model farms and eco-friendly processing companies while delivering only the highest quality all natural consumables through a professional online shopping experience that gives our customers the opportunity to sponsor and support the expansion of our medicinal forests in a collective effort to move humanity into a sustainable future economy.

For further information on the company, its management team, Ventree Life products, and Priceless Farms, please visit our website

About Vested Technology Corp

Vested Technology Corp. ( is an equity crowdfunding website that provides private start-up companies a platform on which they can list, promote, and collect funds for their projects. allows investors easy access to participate in start-up campaigns and empowers private companies to improve their reach to more investors through crowdfunding exemptions. For start-up companies looking to list on a public market, the crowdfunding exemption can provide the required investor distribution for a public listing. Distribution can be achieved quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Equity (or “securities”) crowdfunding is the process by which a business can raise money using small amounts with many investors. Equity crowdfunding is different from other, more established forms of crowdfunding in that equity crowdfunding specifically involves the issuance of securities.


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