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Delta CleanTech Announces Strategic Expansion into China with 3 Significant Project Opportunities

Delta CleanTech Inc.

Calgary, Alberta - TheNewswireNovember 2,  2021 - Delta CleanTech Inc. (“Delta” or the “Company”) (CSE:DELT) (CNSX:DELT.CN) (FRA: 66C) announced today that Delta has entered into a strategic relationship with the Chenglin Group of China to expand its CO2 capture operations into the growing Chinese market.

“Environmentalists have welcomed the pledge by China’s leader, Xi Jinping, to speed up reductions in emissions in the world’s top-polluting nation and reach carbon neutrality by 2060”.
New York Times

Delta’s recent success in CO2 capture project qualification on three significant projects in China is accelerating its need to gear up its operations in China to meet CO2 reduction demand and as such has recently expanded its relationship with the Chenglin and Wison Groups to meet the expectations of this huge market potential.

Leading the way for Delta is Dr. Tony Yang, a 15-year veteran and recognized name in CO2 capture and CO2 enhanced production techniques.

Dr. Yang comments, “By building the strategic partnership with local companies, Delta is happy to bring its world-leading and engineering CCUS technologies into China, so as to seamlessly and commercially integrate the industrial emitters with CO2 utilization in various sectors, making its due contribution to achieving the Dual Carbon Targets in China.”

Mr. Jeff Allison, President of Delta commented, “We currently have three pending projects in China that represent the cement, coal, and natural gas industries. The cost of these CO2 capture and utilization projects will exceed $400 Million CAD from which Delta will receive its technology licensing royalty revenue. China typically is more difficult to form business relationships with foreign companies; however, with our local partners, Delta has a strategic advantage. The potential for business in China is enormous. Even if Delta is only able to get a small percentage of the CO2 capture and utilization business over the next few years, this will have an enormous effect on our business revenue.

To meet this projected demand, we are gearing up our operations with staff that understand the culture and can engage in technology centric discussions at every level. We will in this way serve the needs of our customers in China.”

About Delta CleanTech Inc.

Delta CleanTech Inc. is a 15-year ESG-driven, recognized global technology leader in CO2 Capture, Decarbonization of Energy, Solvent & Glycol Reclamation, Blue Hydrogen Production, and Carbon Credit Aggregation and Management. Delta continues to provide solutions to clients all over the world in sequestering, capturing, and reducing CO2 while producing high quality fungible Carbon Credits.


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