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Tinkerine Studios offers "Design at Home" to assist parents, students & teachers during COVID-19 crisis

March 24, 2020 - TheNewswire - Tinkerine Studios Ltd. (TSXV:TTD) ("Tinkerine" or the "Company") announces, in addition to the development of medical devices in response to the COVID-19 supply shortage, a special package to aid parents, students and teachers with 3D printing learning activities to engage and educate K-12 children during the coming days at home.

Tinkerine's primary business focus is manufacturing 3D printers with an applied design approach for schools. This includes advanced 3D Printers made especially for schools that are easy to use and comply with all safety standards. Additionally, the package includes filament materials, software, and access to hands-on, project-based learning activities to capture your student's interest and provide fulfilling learning outcomes like they experience in school.

In order to take advantage of our limited availability


This will also provide access to same library of additional videos, resources, and project-based learning activities in use by students & teachers in our schools. Informative information about the world of 3D Printing is available with Tinkerine's series of YouTube "TinkChat".

3D Printing is a 21st Century technology that is at the core of how everything is beginning to be produced. Major companies refer to this production method as "Additive Manufacturing". Everything from toys to food products, household parts & supplies, and even rockets, prefab homes and boats are now being made with 3D printers. Our students also learn important soft skills like project management, time management and teamwork that is central to the new economy and tech-enabled jobs. Design Thinking and 3D Printing is what allowed our team to rapidly design and produce healthcare devices in short supply for the COVID-19 problem.

About Tinkerine

Our mission is to provide a foundational understanding about Applied Design and demonstrated by 3D printing. Our ecosystem of 3D printing products and educational resources equips future generations with the innovative tools and products to stay ahead in a fast-paced, tech-driven world. Tinkerine enables the curious to convert creative ideas into the tangible and the unimaginable. All Tinkerine 3D printers and education services are designed and manufactured in Canada.

For further information please contact:

Dean Stuart

T: 403 617 7609


Eugene Suyu

Chief Executive Officer

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