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LedgerPay and dunnhumby Announce Go-to-Market Relationship for Retail Merchants

Quisitive Technology Solutions, Inc.

Partnership helps retailers monetize payment data in real-time for deeper consumer personalization


Toronto, Ontario – TheNewswire - April 7, 2020 – LedgerPay, a Quisitive Technology Solutions, Inc. Company (TSXV:QUIS) (OTC:QUISF) and modern payment processing platform, today announced a strategic Go-to-Market relationship with dunnhumby, a global leader in customer data science.


The LedgerPay-dunnhumby offering is a first-of-its-kind service for brick-and-mortar merchants such as QSRs, grocers, and other retailers who want to encourage repeat and more valuable sales by capitalizing on past purchases at the point of sale (POS). It combines the power of an innovative payment processing platform with tokenization to offer merchants an unprecedented level of precise, secure, and actionable customer data derived from real-time, non-cash POS transaction data.


Today, brick-and-mortar merchants are at a disadvantage compared to e-commerce retailers when it comes to personalizing customer experiences. They have very limited ability to gain detailed information about the purchasing behaviors of individual consumers, leaving them to broad-brush guesses when it comes to pricing, promotions, and assortments.


Most retailers do not have the security certifications in place to securely handle cardholder and other payment data. Knowing that tackling these requirements increases their risk and cost, they elect to not have anything to do with payment data. Therefore, they either let the payment processor handle it and, consequently, cannot make use of that data; or they implement an expensive loyalty program. While loyalty programs are very important, even the most effective loyalty program can leave key gaps, leaving most transactions anonymous and in the merchant’s blind spot.


LedgerPay’s payment tokenization solution challenges that whole design, stitching together customer and purchase history to give merchants real-time visibility into what consumers are buying today to forecast what they might want to buy in the future.


“In today’s highly volatile brick-and-mortar environment, creating value for the consumer right at the point of sale is everything,” said Scotty Perkins, SVP of Product Innovation, LedgerPay. “Our cloud-based LedgerPay Payment Tokenization solution gives dunnhumby access to the more valuable real-time data versus batch or latency data that quickly becomes outdated and can’t be acted upon at the point of sale. Our partnership will not only help retailers know what to stock for inventory, but also where to best apply upsell and cross-sell promotions to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.”


LedgerPay’s payment tokenization solution provides dunnhumby with real-time data they can use within their industry-leading data science platform to analyze current and historic customer behavior, enabling merchants to personalize offers and messages to individual buyers. Applying this information improves the customer buying experience via personalized communications and promotions in real time at the point of sale (POS) as well as through future targeted communications based on individual buying habits.


Unlike batch data, LedgerPay streams real-time POS transaction and payment data to the cloud where it’s tokenized, analyzed over time, and processed. LedgerPay securely converts POS transaction details into a centralized analytics platform, where retailers and QSRs can observe deeper levels of consumer behavior and personalize offerings.


By removing all sensitive data and transforming it into a form that’s safe for merchants and partners to handle, LedgerPay’s data tokenization offers a more secure and compliant solution than standard encryption. LedgerPay satisfies key compliance obligations for sensitive data types, including PCI, and can be used to enhance GDPR and CCPA compliance.


“We know retailers don’t have enough access to customer data to create personalized promotions,” said Jose Luis-Gomes, President, North America, dunnhumby.LedgerPay provides us with a new way of creating a comprehensive view of consumer and payment data insights, allowing us to offer merchants a valuable service for generating new streams of revenue.”


About dunnhumby
dunnhumby is the global leader in Customer Data Science, empowering businesses everywhere to compete and thrive in the modern data-driven economy. We always put the Customer First. Our mission is to enable businesses to grow and reimagine themselves by becoming advocates and champions for their Customers. With deep heritage and expertise in retail – one of the world’s most competitive markets, with a deluge of multi-dimensional data – dunnhumby today enables businesses all over the world and across industries to be Customer First.


The dunnhumby Customer Data Science Platform is our unique mix of technology, software and consulting, enabling businesses to increase revenue and profits by delivering exceptional experiences for their Customers – in-store, offline and online. Dunnhumby employs over 2,500 experts in offices throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas working for transformative, iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Meijer, Procter & Gamble and Tesco.


About LedgerPay

As a modern, direct payment processing platform, LedgerPay is transforming payment transactions into beneficial, profitable, and actionable experiences for both brick-and-mortar merchants and customers through their cloud-enabled payments and data analytics solutions. LedgerPay is a Quisitive (TSXV: QUIS) product company. To learn more about LedgerPay, visit


About Quisitive

Quisitive is a premier Microsoft solutions provider that helps enterprise organizations move, operate, and innovate in the Microsoft cloud:  Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft O365. Quisitive also provides proprietary Software as a Service (“SaaS”) solutions such as CRG emPerform™ and LedgerPay that complement the Microsoft platform. Quisitive serves clients globally with offices in Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Minneapolis, MN; Silicon Valley, CA; Washington, DC; Ottawa, ON; and Toronto, ON. For more information, visit and follow @BeQuisitive. TSXV: QUIS.


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