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Regardless of market conditions, TheNewswire (TNW) provides the most cost-efficient timely disclosure and compliance filing services in the industry. But with this current downturn, there has never been a more urgent call for press release and compliance cost-savings. Call now 877-456-6241 or e-mail us at for your no obligation Free Trial or for more information. Corporate Investor Relations / Group Rates are available.

A fully accredited news distribution service since 2005, TNW has provided its 400+ clientele exceptional press distribution 24 / 7 throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe. The clients and investor relations agencies who use us on a daily basis are our greatest “Ambassadors”. Their testimonials speak to themselves.

New! TheNewswire Integrates Full Logo and Social Media in Outgoing Press Releases

As a means of providing clients full SEO and online branding, we are the only North American newswire service to provide Logo and Social Media Logo Inclusion within your outgoing press releases. This revolutionary development eliminates the need for press release recipients to “surf around” to access your Twitter feeds, LinkedIn Corporate profile, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube productions. Instead, they are all available at their fingertips. Invaliable for mobile devices! Call and ask for details. and Korelin Economics Radio Re-tool for November 2015

With a combined Canadian / U.S. listenership of over 220,000 our online audience augmented with coverage at WRMN 1410 Chicago, KIXZ 940 Amarillo TX, KIUK 1360 Portland OR, WEBY 1330 Pensacola FL, WPBQ 1240 Jackson WS, WKRO 1490 Cairo, IL, KPSN 1490 Los Alamos, NM, WSDT 1240 Chattanooga TN and KBOB 96.7 Grand Forks WA, and KEReport offer vast investor reach with Canada and the U.S.. If your company is unique, innovative, groundbreaking or new – we want to hear from you! Contact us and tell us your story!