SEDAR Filing

As a direct result of the overwhelming demand, TNW has now launched Full Inclusive SEDAR Filing Services to truly provide an All-In-One service.

Q: Why utilize TNW for your timely disclosure services and then have to rely on an outside SEDAR-filing source (or lawyers / attorneys @ $200-$300 per hour) when TheNewswire can provide the service all at once?
Instead, why not take advantage of TheNewswire’s Full SEDAR Packages, including:

  • Material Change Reports
  • AGM Materials
  • Change of Auditor
  • Financials, MD&As & CEO/CFO Certificates
  • Early Warnings
  • 51-101 or 43-101
  • Annual Information Forms
  • Documents Affecting The Rights of Security Holders

For full information on SEDAR, please visit:

Please contact us for pricing at 1-877-456-6241 or e-mail us at