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Advanced AI Drug Development Platform 'DeepMatcher®' 2.0 Launches Worldwide (226330.KQ)

SyntekaBio (226330.KQ)(226330:KS), an AI drug discovery and development company, announced the successful completion of its DeepMatcher® 2.0 performance verification. The advanced version of an AI small molecule drug discovery technology is ready to launch in the global market. The company opened its regional U.S. office in New York City in August.

SyntekaBio has developed and verified DeepMatcher® into a three-step process:

1D/2D/3D virtual pre-screening (DMC-PRE), screening by best binding pose and binding energy prediction (DMC-SCR), and molecular dynamics-based self-verification (DMC-MD), which has utilized 1 billion compounds and 600 target models. In silico validation performed on these three modules has authenticated 85-95 percent accuracy, a competitive level in sensitivity and specificity.

DeepMatcher®’s performance is greatly enhanced by the DMC-MD process, in which the molecular dynamic simulation process in the final stage proves to significantly reduce the false positive results that commonly occur and lead to misinterpretation when predicting new drug candidates.

The molecular dynamics simulation process typically requires vast computational resources to generate highly accurate results in the screening process. SyntekaBio’s own supercomputing infrastructure is capable of fully supporting the simulation, a major advantage over its competitors. Thus far, the outcome of the screening process evidently points towards the future where it can be applied to the discovery of ‘Molecular Glue’ that can promote and stabilize PPI (Protein-Protein Interaction) between ubiquitin ligase and its target protein.

SyntekaBio has also completed the validation of a large-scale drug repurposing project that has been ongoing since the third quarter of 2021. This project was conducted using DeepMatcher® to derive a previously unknown drug-target combination by predicting the binding force between approximately 3,000 drugs and 400 target proteins.

By validating approximately 6,000 combinations from the project with in vitro binding efficacy tests, SyntekaBio was able to secure a new effective drug group from a total of 120 protein groups, including the Kinase family, GPRC, Methyltransferase, Deacetylase and Phosphodiesterase. Therefore, the efficacy of DeepMatcher® is positively verified, providing the basis for pipeline development for various disease groups.

“We are thrilled to confirm encouraging results from a long-awaited outcome of DeepMatcher® version 2.0 experimentation. SyntekaBio is preparing to launch our AI drug cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) system based on DeepMatcher® 2.0. We look forward to sharing our cutting-edge technology to enhance drug discovery and development capabilities in the U.S. and internationally,” said SyntekaBio CEO Jongsun Jung, Ph.D.

The drug group discovered through SyntekaBio’s large-scale drug repurposing project is undergoing cell experiments in various fields such as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, hair loss prevention and growth, and central nervous system diseases.

For business development meetings and information about SyntekaBio’s products and services, contact the New York office at +1 (212) 371-2544 or

Syntekabio is a global artificial intelligence (AI) and big data-based drug discovery and development company, headquartered in South Korea since 2009, with its U.S. operations bringing innovative technologies and science to create transformative medicines worldwide that are compliant with international standards to cure diseases and improve people's lives. Find out more about DeepMatcher®, NEO-ARS™, NGS-ARS™ and PGM-ARS™ at

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