About TNW Canadian & US Distribution and Rates

Very simply, TheNewswire is North America's fastest-growing and most affordable newswire service, offering equal distribution to all other recognized newswire services – yet at a fraction of the cost. The reason is that unlike the aforementioned, at TNW, we DO NOT charge on a “per word / per page” basis.

Instead, we charge on an Annual Flat Rate, or “Pay-As-You-Go” basis, for unlimited words and pages.

Our Flat Rate billing is based on a very simple fair-pricing philosophy:

Q: If you, the client, are writing a press release and e-mailing it to your newswire service provider as a finished document with no re-writing involved – then why are YOU charged per-word, per page?

A: That makes no sense.

Conversely, by utilizing our most popular Annual Flat billing program, most TNW clients save thousands of dollars per year – money we believe is better spent on proactive investor relations, PR and marketing efforts designed to increase your share value.


Our Rates – All Canada / US Unlimited Timely Disclosure

Effective January 1 2013, all TNW billing are available on an Annual, Unlimited (unlimited words, pages, press release frequency) or "per press release" Pay-As-You-Go basis. Please contact us for details at 1-877-456-6241 or e-mail us at news@TheNewswire.com