TNW European Dissemination for Frankfurt-listed clients

An increasing number of TNW clients are opting to co-list on the Frankfurt Exchange to take advantage of the tremendous interest in North American small cap companies, particularly those in the mining, resource and oil and gas sectors. has recognized this lucrative opportunity for its clients and as such, forged an exclusive alliance with the major provider of news release transition and dissemination in the German-speaking region: IRW-PRESS.

TNW has negotiated the greatest possible price-point and we strongly urge all of our clients to utilize the thousands of dollars you already save as a result of’s Flat Rate packages to begin tapping into this unparalleled dissemination opportunity!


Euro-Distribution Advantages

Among the dozens of advantages this new TNW Alliance include: All-inclusive press release translation /  dissemination to over 400 websites in the German-speaking (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region / over 450,000 computer terminals in banks, media centres, brokerage houses, newspapers via professional financial providers / the primary three German-speaking regions are among the 10 richest in the world with about 100 million inhabitants.


Our European Frankfurt-listed Rates

TNW has negotiated an unprecedented “Pay-Per-Release” (OAC) program that allows for Full Germanic-European distribution - This INCLUDES translation! Please contact us for details at 1-877-456-6241 or e-mail us at

TNW considers this a tremendous opportunity for all existing and potential new clients and we greatly look forward to expanding your reach across the Atlantic!