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Nigerian based CrowdForce integrates FLASHcoin API to PayForce Network of offerings

Richmond, BC / TheNewswire / December 20, 2018 - As part of our partnership with Flashcoin, Crowdforce is happy to announce the API integration between PayForce (CrowdForce) and Flashcoin.

According to the CrowdForce CEO, Tomi Ayorinde, "Every Merchant on the CrowdForce ecosystem is an Human ATM that will help drive adoption down to the mass market. This integration allows Flashcoin to leverage our merchant network to Provide Liquidity to flashcoin holders through their every day retail outlet. Merchants can now buy sell and accept flashcoin as payment for goods and services "

PayForce is the financial arm of CrowdForce. The PayForce network provides access to financial services using its vast network of agents. Agents render these services by engaging people in their communities. The aim of the PayForce network is to aid in drastically reducing the number of people with limited access to financial services regardless of their location.

The API integration between PayForce and Flashcoin means that instant global remittance is now available via the PayForce network. For the average user, if you need to transfer money out of the country, you can simply buy flash from a PayForce agent, have the flash deposited to a flash wallet, and have the recipient convert this flash to USD or any other foreign currency where Flash is being utilized.

FLASH is a leading community coin protocol based on Bitcoin and Litecoin technology, optimized for ease of use, speed and throughput. FLASH is designed to be the "Majority World Coin" because it is a community entirely run by volunteers from all over the world. Flashcoin focuses and excels at settlement. Flash is run for and by the community. The FLASH blockchain and wallet system are designed to meet the needs of rapidly growing Majority World countries. The wallet supports 26 languages, 5 Cryptocurrencies + 66 tokens = 71 Crypto Currencies and 32 national (fiat) currency prices.

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