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Ghana based website provides a platform to purchase and sell BTC ETH and Flashcoin

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Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / April 15, 2019 - Accra Ghana based company MyBitCart is launching its platform. The revolutionary digital coin exchange allows local Ghanaians the opportunity to sign in and instantly find a place to buy sell and trade Crypto Currency in a seamless and efficient manner.

MyBitCart is proud to announce Flashcoin as one of the first Community coins added to our trading and exchange platform. Other coins like BTC LTC and ETH are also tradable.

MyBitCart was created to answer the often asked question about Crypto, not just in Ghana but throughout Africa and the world. Where do I buy, how do I sell, can I exchange for other tokens and back into my national fiat currency? MyBitCart's answer is yes you can. Founder, Sebastian Livingstone, "Our community at MyBitcart is active in providing solutions for the growing CryptoCurrency marketplace in Africa. Our goal is providing answers to questions from thousands of Sub-Saharan African merchants and customers. MyBitCart allows Merchants liquidity and new crypto consumers a marketplace, to buy sell and trade and exchange from Crypto to Crypto and Crypto to Fiat. Companies like CrowdForce are really helping drive adoption down to the mass market. Coming close to the first one thousand Nigerian vendors."

FLASH is a leading community coin protocol based on Bitcoin and Litecoin technology, optimized for ease of use, speed, and throughput. FLASH is designed to be the "Majority World Coin" because it is a community entirely run by volunteers from all over the world. Flashcoin focuses and excels at settlement. Flash is run for and by the community. The FLASH blockchain and wallet system are designed to meet the needs of rapidly growing Majority World countries. The wallet supports 26 languages, 5 Cryptocurrencies + 66 tokens = 71 Crypto Currencies and 32 national (fiat) currency prices.

For complete information about MyBitCart please visit Media Contact: Attn: Sebastian Livingstone +233 27 339 2590 +233 20 338 1223

More information about FLASHcoin and the FLASH community can be found at or