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Prominent Geneticist Dr. Michael Horne to head research for biopharmaceutical CBD expression

Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / June 10, 2019 - SOLARVEST BIOENERGY INC. (TSX-V:SVS) ("Solarvest" or the "Company"), is pleased to announce Dr. Michael Thomas Horne BA PhD FRSB FCIM FIBMS CBiol CSci CMgt, a Fellow of Royal Society of Biology (UK), Fellow of Institute Biomedical Scientists, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management and Qualified Person (QIP Veterinary) is accepting the position of Head of Research leading the companies algae Bio-expression team.

He has been responsible for bringing to the global market over 40 biotech products. Dr. Horne has worked with the Solarvest team for over 25 years achieving success including helping to commercialize the world's first plasmid DNA based vaccine inside Cobequid Life Sciences Inc. (KQR:TSE) which eventually sold to Novartis Inc.

Michael will be leading a talented team of scientists at Solarvest for the upcoming laboratory work to express cannabinoids through our biopharmaceutical platform in conjunction with the collaborative agreement with FSD Pharma (HUGE:CSE.)

In addition Michael will lead the genetics program for the expression of Bio-hydrogen and support the company in this partnership opportunity.

About Solarvest:

Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. is an algae biotechnology company whose algal-based production platform provides it with an extremely flexible system capable of being adapted to produce numerous products - from Omega 3 fatty acids to human therapeutic proteins. The company has successfully demonstrated (news release dated March 16th. 2015) the expression of BMP, a high value therapeutic protein. In addition the company's platform has successfully produced recombinant viral antigens (immune stimulating proteins,) Cecropins (antimicrobial pepetide/protein). The company has initiated a program for the expression of CBD and a way to produce CBD and THC in sterile bioreactors.

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